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Sound Artist, Selector, Musician

Things I Can Do

• Esoterica - WQNA 88.3 FM - experimental, unusual, unsigned and local music - Springfield IL. - - Tuesday 10pm to Midnight CST. • Music From the 89th Parallel - Local music on Esoterica at 11:11pm. - • Psyrchus Praximus - Audio Recordings on SoundCloud and Bandcamp. -

A Few Accomplishments

• Bands: Sweet Bippy, The Avant National Guard (tANG), Ted Keylon's One Man Band, Crimes Against the Moonlight, Hot Bag O' Donuts, Ted & Mindy, Laughing Boy, Black Ops, Elevator Shoe. ##### • Radio & Television: Blowing the Whistle TV, Interface Pirate Radio, London, Basement Radio, Springfield, WQNA, Springfield, Invisible Records, Chicago.